Transform Your Garden with Versatile Artificial Hedge Screening

Artificial hedge screening offers a versatile and easy way to transform your garden at Primrose. These products can be adjusted to stand upright up to a height of 2m or laid across to create a 2m width by 1m height. The fade-resistant and realistic green ivy look of our artificial leaf hedge screen is made of environmentally-friendly and odorless high-quality plastic. The polyester fiber leaf, natural in appearance, does not fade under sun and rain, ensuring longevity and consistent aesthetic appeal.

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Our extensive collection includes Bamboo hedges and screening with variations in foliage density and products with extra UV protection. This durability ensures your artificial hedge or screen lasts for years, maintaining its fresh and vibrant look. Particularly effective in urban areas, Ivy Screens serve as an anti-pollution measure alongside busy roads. They improve air quality and contribute to overall health and wellbeing, making them an excellent choice for both aesthetic and environmental purposes.

Artificial Ivy Leaf Privacy Fence

Among our top products is the Fuobecie Artificial Ivy Fence Screen, a privacy trellis roll ideal for balconies, gardens, and wall decorations. Another standout is the Artificial Ivy Leaf Privacy Fence Screening Roll, measuring 1m x 5m, offering UV protection and fade resistance. Similarly, the HWGING Artificial Boxwood Panels provide an elegant backdrop, with their realistic green plant simulation, for any garden screen or wall decoration.

Enhance the privacy and beauty of your outdoor terrace area with our screen privacy fences, which boast a realistic appearance and high-quality material construction. Our Artificial Ivy Privacy Fence Screen, measuring 120×60 inches, comes with 80 pcs Zip Ties for easy installation and is perfect for wall screens in outdoor settings.

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