Transform Your Space with Elegant Glass Planters: Find Your Perfect Piece

Discover a large range of unique, elegant, and attractive fibreglass planters in a variety of incredibly convincing and authentic finishes. Our collection includes heart hydroponics glass plant terrarium kits with wooden stands, plant propagation stands, indoor cuttings glass planter pots, and more, perfect for home decor gifts. Each piece is hand-finished in India from recycled materials, making our recyclable frosted glass planters in fresh designs a sustainable and captivating accent piece.

Elegant Glass Planters

Our elegant glass pieces are crystal clear and come in a variety of sizes, from dainty teardrops to statement-making fishbowls. The vases, lovingly created by hand, are a beautiful addition to your home or a special gift. Planters can transform the appearance of a terrace, backyard, or courtyard, adding colourful interest. From ceramic plant pots to the soft tones of terracotta, hanging planters, brass and glass terrariums to reclaimed iron standing planters, our collection will cater to all your needs.

Most glass pots require some maintenance and cleaning, including periodic limescale and green algae removal. The planter is designed for use with orchids, among other plants, because the glass is transparent, allowing the orchid to enjoy light reaching its roots. Our Glass Planter Dish, made from an upcycled Bombay Sapphire Bottle, offers an artisan blue transparent succulent, cacti flower holder pot, perfect for desk or office decor.

Whether hanging or freestanding, a planter can enhance the natural beauty of your plants and shrubs. Our Hydroponic Plants Vase Test Tube Holder is ideal for propagating plant cuttings in water. You can choose from a wide range of plants available at FNP, including Jade Plant, Lucky Bamboo, Money Plant, Jade Marginata, Snake Plant, Howarthia, Zebra Plant, Spider Plant, and much more, all beautifully presented in glass pot planters. Add your sea glass to the outside of the pot with super glue or another glue you have on hand, for a personalized touch.

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A two-part self-watering glass planter, inspired by terraced landscapes and the offset shapes of city balconies, adds a unique touch to any setting. Enhance the beauty of your greens with these stunning glass planters.

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