How Can Bamboo Screening Enhance Your Garden Privacy?

Enhance your garden’s privacy and aesthetic with our Bamboo Garden Screening. Made from natural bamboo cane, our screening is available in a variety of heights, from 1 metre up to 2 metres, ensuring suitable privacy levels for everyone’s needs. The natural split bamboo design is coupled with weatherproof galvanised wire, making it perfect for garden partitioning.

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Grasses and bamboos, chosen with care, can add movement and sound to your garden, creating an appealing ambiance. Our stylish Bamboo Slat Screening not only protects plants from the wind but also creates secluded areas for your enjoyment. Additionally, the WOLTU garden screening offers UV-resistant PVC slats for year-round use and robust durability.

Bamboo Garden Screening

The natural cane construction of our bamboo screening brings a tropical touch to your space, ideal for revamping old fencing or brick walls. It’s also container-friendly, perfect for screening patios, roof terraces, or balconies. Some screens can be attached to existing structures, while others are standalone, with extendable options for versatile garden layouts.

For a seamless look, position your bamboo fence panels flush against each other. As a versatile plant, bamboo can be used to create height in your garden, serve as a focal point, or form a contemporary hedge. With additional garden edging and artificial turfs, you can transform your garden like never before!

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