How to Choose and Install the Perfect Artificial Hedge for Your Garden?

Expandable fences and artificial hedges offer an innovative way to enhance garden privacy and aesthetics. Our UK-made artificial hedges can be customised in size and specification, with three different boxwood foliages to cater to various budgets. They are ideal for boundary settings, providing a blend of functionality and visual appeal.

There are four main types of artificial screening: Artificial hedge, Expandable garden screening, Green wall mats, and Bamboo screen planters. Each type serves a specific purpose, with artificial hedges being particularly useful for boundaries. These hedges are available as panels, pre-made box hedges, and extendable screens. Their realistic green ivy appearance adds a natural touch to any setting, and they can be installed using zippers or tape. Cut to your desired size and shape, they are versatile for use as wall decorations, fence screens, or privacy screens.

Artificial Hedges and Privacy Screens

Artificial ivy fence screening is not only visually striking but also low-maintenance, remaining evergreen without the need for watering. This makes it an ideal solution for covering unattractive walls and fences, creating privacy, and adding greenery to balconies or terraces. Our Artificial Ivy Fence Screening, measuring 5m x 1m, comes with 50 green cable ties and is UV fade protected for outdoor use.

Installation Video

Moreover, these durable hedge screens, made from materials like polyester, polyethylene, or willow, come in various styles such as ivy, laurel, or white flower hedge. Each leaf is crafted from high-quality, non-toxic materials, ensuring safety for you and your family. The Hamburg Screen, a wide-spaced lattice style, is perfect for partial screening.

Adding an extra special touch to your garden this summer is easy with the Artificial Ivy Leaf Hedge. It’s an excellent alternative to living hedges, requiring no time to establish and minimal maintenance. Learn how to install your artificial hedges, vertical gardens, and green walls with our quick video guide. The Hedge Roll, available in various sizes including 1m by 3m and 2m by 1m on a solid trellis backing, is a convenient, realistic alternative to traditional hedging.

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