Transform Your Garden with Unique and Quirky Animal-Themed Planters

Giving your back garden a modern and quirky facelift is now easier with our themed additions. From animal designs to the whimsical charm of garden gnomes, our collection is sure to inspire. Wooden Horse Garden Farm, Animal Planter Goat Flower Pot, and Plant Container Pots add a rustic touch. Meanwhile, the Wooden Pig and Cow Planters serve as decorative pieces for any gardening enthusiast.

For those with a penchant for the whimsical, our Ceramic Animal Planters, including the Frog and Cat designs, offer a unique touch to indoor planting. The Okllen 6 Pack Sloth Planter, complete with a Bamboo Tray, is perfect for small succulents and cacti, making it an ideal gift for plant lovers.

Animal Themed Planters

Our Gardenline Cat Rattan Effect Animal Planter brings a distinctive element to outdoor spaces, while the Snail Planter with Drainage is perfect for both indoor and outdoor gardening. These planters, along with our Highland Cow Planter and Pink Flower Pot, not only serve as plant containers but also as charming decor pieces.

Whether you prefer traditional designs or something more unique like a decorative welly boot, our range at The Range caters to all tastes. Our selection is not just about aesthetics; we offer multipack and bulk options in various colours and shapes to meet all your gardening needs. Our collection includes functional items like the Jiakalamo 3Pcs/set Mini Planter Risers, elevating your planters while adding a cute touch with their animal shapes.

Discover our comprehensive selection of pots, trays, and planters, suitable for professional growers and nurseries. Our range includes both plastic and biodegradable options, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your growing and display requirements. Animal Planters (search)

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