Enhancing Your Garden with Ornamental Conifer Plants and Patio Planters

The Direct Plants 12 Large Mixed Evergreen Garden Ornamental Conifer Plant Selection offers a fantastic way to beautify areas unsuitable for planting, such as concrete patios, balconies, and driveways. For optimal growth, it’s advisable to remove around two inches of soil and replace it with fresh compost, providing a nutrient boost to the plants. Depending on the container’s size, these trees can reach an eventual height of approximately one meter.

When planting, such as with an olive tree, it’s essential to remove the tree from its original container and gently shake off the soil from the roots. This variety is self-fertile, making it ideal for modest garden sizes or even balcony spaces. It’s recommended to lift the plant every other year, prune the roots, and replace about one third of the compost to ensure healthy growth.

At Garden4Less, a wide range of garden pots and planters are available to cater to various gardening needs. These pots and planters are perfect solutions for space constraints and help in maintaining a tidy garden. J Parkers offers compact, manageable miniature patio fruit trees, ideal for pots and containers, adding a touch of nature to your seating area or doorway.


For a stunning patio display, consider the Patio Palm – Purple-Red Star Class Tower Cordylines, which can serve as an ideal centerpiece for patio planters. Growing trees in pots is an effective way to create a garden focal point and add vertical interest. The IDEALIST Chelsea Flower Box Square Garden Planter in Faux Lead Grey Light Stone is a great option for outdoor large plant pots, measuring W55 H55 L55 cm with a capacity of 166L.

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When selecting planters, consider those with drainage holes and a removable base/saucer, like the Modern Decorative for Outdoor Garden Planters in Dark Grey, measuring 12 inches. Regularly moving container plants to larger pots or refreshing the compost is crucial for their health. Spring, around March or April, is an optimal time for this, as the roots establish quickly in the new compost.

Garden Planters and Conifer Plants

Large Plant Pots Outdoor Garden Tree Planter Containers are available in six sizes, with optional saucers. SG Traders offers Large Urn Plant Pot Stands, suitable for outdoor garden planters and indoor plant pots. Mini standard roses, which bloom abundantly all summer long, can be a beautiful addition to your garden.

When considering size and space, smaller plants like heavenly bamboo, which grow to around 7 feet, may be more suitable for patio container gardens. These planters are typically supplied to trade customers, but they are now available to all, allowing everyone to enjoy large, beautiful plant pots. Remember, tree pots should be large enough to ensure a good root run and maintain adequate moisture and nutrient levels.

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