How to Choose and Use Extra Large Garden Pots, Planters, and Vases

We offer a unique range of extra large Decor Glazed Garden pots, Planters, and Vases, ideal for displaying large specimen plants, trees, topiary, and bamboo. Our latest range includes specialist large planters designed for use with trees and other larger plants. The Deuba 80cm Large Planter is a standout product, serving as a versatile trough or window box. It is made of durable anthracite black grey plastic and can hold up to 33L, making it perfect for outdoor gardens and balconies. These planters are fired in a traditional wood-burning kiln, which gives them soft shades of tan that change with the light.

We also have a range of Very Large Garden Planters, Extra Large Garden Pots, and Rustic Thai Salt Glazed Outdoor Plant Pots. These include the Plant Pot Round XL, a large outdoor flower tree planter tub available in four colours, including slate and nutmeg. The Balconera planter from Lechuza features a removable liner, water level indicator, and plant substrate, making it an excellent choice for modern gardening needs.

For those interested in gardening techniques, we provide insights on how to properly fill a large plant pot, ensuring adequate drainage and optimal conditions for plant growth. Our nursery offers a refreshing selection of plants with outdoor pots, plant supports, and garden trellis to aid their growth.

The Contemporary Light Concrete Garden Tall Planter is another exceptional choice, offering a sleek outdoor plant pot with a tapered shape. These planters come with predrilled drainage holes, ensuring a good drainage system for the plants and trees within. Our range also includes plastic planters, wooden planters, and fibreclay ranges, catering to various styles and preferences.

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Among our products, the HC Companies LIA24000E35 24-Inch Indoor Plastic Round Classic Pot is a notable option, made of clay and perfect for indoor use. We also cater to smaller projects and businesses, offering a wide range of pots for offices, bars, hotels, and retail spaces.

The Suncast Sonora 22 in. Planter is a top-selling product within our Extra Large Plant Pots range, known for its robust and stylish design. Additionally, the Deuba Planter Flower Pot offers a concrete look and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, available in sizes ranging from 26L to 91L.

For those interested in large-scale planting, we provide tips on how to plant using large containers and offer a variety of plant pots in different shapes and sizes, including striped plastic plant pots for decorative flowers and orchids.

Extra Large Glazed Garden Pots

Explore our range of Indoor Plant Pots with Saucers and Drainage Holes, available in both small and large sizes, ideal for plastic flowerpots and succulents.

Discover our range of large lightweight garden pots, perfect for any gardening project. Large Garden Pots (search)

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