How to Install and Choose the Right Bamboo Screening for Your Garden

Adding a bamboo screen to your garden is a straightforward and effective way to enhance privacy, aesthetic appeal, and functionality. Our range of split bamboo screening is available in various sizes, including options with heights of 1m (3’ 3”) and lengths of 4m (13’ 2”). This natural cane construction not only offers a tropical look but is also an excellent choice for giving old fences a new lease of life.

Bamboo Screening

Bamboo screens are versatile, suitable for use as wind or privacy screens on balconies, as design elements, or for dividing garden spaces. Our high-quality bamboo fences are perfect for bordering garden paths, flowerbeds, and lawns. Additionally, willow screens, made from full-height canes and secured with galvanised wire, offer an alternative choice. Whether you need to attach the screening to existing structures or prefer stand-alone options, our range includes extendable versions to fit various spaces.

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To install, simply unroll the bamboo, place it against your fence or wall, and secure it with string or nails. If your aim is to add height to walls and fences for increased privacy, bamboo screening is an excellent option. For attachment, use pliers to tighten wire or cable ties around the screening rods and the fence. Our range also includes garden screening rolls in materials like fern, reed, willow, and bamboo. For those concerned about the invasiveness of bamboo roots, opt for clump-forming varieties and plant them in containers or troughs.

Explore our collection, including the Dealx Xone Natural Rolled Bamboo Fence and the Black Bamboo Screen, which uses whole bamboo poles for a distinct look. We also offer a selection of garden fencing, trellis, and arches to transform your garden into a beautiful outdoor living area.

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