Transform Your Garden with Artificial Screening Solutions

Artificial garden screening offers a perfect solution to disguise recycling boxes, bins, and other unsightly objects, enhancing the aesthetics of outdoor spaces. Our range at Primrose includes long-lasting, fade-resistant synthetic hedge, rattan, and bamboo screens.

Artificial Garden Screening

Privet, a semi-evergreen plant, retains its leaves during winter, though it may shed some in colder regions. For those seeking immediate impact, we offer mature instant hedging units and screens, suitable for planting year-round, providing a lush, dense barrier.

Our products cater to both DIY enthusiasts wanting to build bespoke structures and those preferring pre-designed options. Multi-stemmed shrubs and bushy conifer trees are excellent for screening, offering privacy, wind protection, and noise reduction. The ANGMLN 12 Pack 90Ft Artificial Ivy Garland, complete with 240 LEDs, is ideal for decorating home and garden spaces.

Hedges serve a dual purpose: they’re both decorative and functional. They not only provide shelter from the elements but also define boundaries and screen views. Viburnums, a small evergreen shrub, can grow up to three meters, producing beautiful leaves and flowers. For those requiring taller hedges, individual hedging plants are available.

Our WonderWal Artificial Hedge Screening – Acer (Flame Retardant) and the WonderWal American Beech Artificial Screen Tiles, both 100x100cm, are perfect for covering garden walls, fences, or any solid surface, creating a natural, realistic effect suitable for various settings.

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