Enhance Your Garden with Artificial Hedge Screening and Realistic Plants

Artificial hedges are not only less formal but also change with the seasons, providing year-round interest. One of the key benefits is their maintenance-free nature, especially the hedge roll with its evergreen appearance that doesn’t require watering. Installation is a breeze, thanks to the mesh backing on these hedges.

Artificial Hedge Screening

For those seeking to create distinct areas or borders in their outdoor spaces, our selection of hedge screening options is ideal. We recently installed synthetic privet hedge screening, a superb solution for disputes between neighbours. Additionally, we offer a variety of mature trees, like Beech and Laurel, perfect for adding privacy.

Our collection includes the hardy Umbrella Bamboo from China, which thrives in both sun and partial shade, forming an elegant, dense hedge. Another excellent choice for fast-growing hedges is the shrubby honeysuckle, known for its year-round greenery.

Photinia red robin plants, trained against a bamboo frame, and Photinia in troughs, already clipped to a height of 1 metre, are notable mentions. The width of these instant hedging Photinia is 80 cm, making them a practical choice. At Paramount Plants and Gardens, we specialize in trees and shrubs ideal for creating neat boundary hedges or tall evergreen screens.

These artificial hedge panels, perfect for various decorative purposes, are strikingly realistic and easy to install. They are suitable for terrace decoration, bar wall decoration, balcony privacy shielding, and even wedding wall decoration.

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