Exploring Garden Privacy Solutions: Hedging and Screening Options

Artificial hedges, crafted in the UK, cater to various needs with three boxwood foliage options, suiting different budgets. For a natural touch, the Woven Reed Screen, made from reed cane, offers an organic privacy solution. In Kent, our nursery specializes in a wide range of hedging species, ensuring expert growth and convenient delivery.

Garden Privacy Screening

For those seeking privacy without a full fence, options like willow fedge, hedge, wall, panels, or densely planted willow cuttings are ideal. Fast-growing hedges, such as Laurel, Beech, Box, Hornbeam, and Native Mix, are available as instant hedging units. Additionally, artificial hedge screening options at Primrose can instantly transform gardens.


The Mobilane Green Screen is a unique solution, featuring a steel grid fully covered with climbing plants. When planning to install a screen, be aware of regulations regarding trees and hedges near public rights of way or highways. For a quick installation, the Artificial Conifer Hedge, made from UV Stabilised PVC, replicates a realistic hedge screen effectively.

Artificial Conifer Hedge (search)

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