Exploring Instant Hedging and Screening Options for Gardens

Instant hedging is a convenient solution for those looking to create an immediate impact in their garden or outdoor space. It involves the use of pre-grown, mature hedges that provide instant screening and year-round cover. Among the most popular choices are hedging conifers and evergreen hedging, ideal for immediate screening. Wild roses and Rugosa roses are also excellent for hedging, and can be easily maintained with a hedge trimmer in late winter.

Instant Hedging and Screening Options

For those seeking an artificial option, Best Artificial Ivy Screening Rolls offer an easy assembly with a clip and eye system, making them easy to clip together. Another attractive choice is clumping bamboos, which grow outward in a circular manner at a pace of 2 to 12 inches per year, without invading nearby spaces. The WonderWal Laurel Leaf Artificial Screen Expanding Trellis, measuring 100 x 200cm, is another great option for instant screening.


For those who prefer traditional fencing, YITAHOME Fence Panels and the Artificial Ivy Privacy Fence Screen are excellent. They offer privacy and are suitable for outdoor use, with the latter expanding up to 120×60 inches. Beech hedge plants are available in various root types, including instant troughs for immediate impact and pleached trees for decorative screening. Hedges Direct offers a range of ready-made instant hedging screens, including Ivy, Beech, Hornbeam, and flowering options like Star Jasmine.

Yaheetech’s Artificial Boxwood Panels Hedge, adorned with little white flowers, provides a decorative backdrop for home gardens, balconies, and outdoor spaces. These hedges are adjustable, hassle-free to set up, and can extend up to 2 meters in length. The Artificial Ivy Hedge, made from UV Stabilised PVC, is quick and easy to install, offering zero maintenance year-round greenery for window boxes and balcony planters.

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Hedging screens offer a visually appealing alternative to traditional fencing while enhancing the liveliness of a garden. Among the natural hedging options, the American Arborvitae (Thuja occidentalis ‘Smaragd’) is a popular evergreen conifer for dense privacy hedging.

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