How to Enhance Your Outdoor Space with a Bamboo Privacy Screen

Weaver’s bamboo, also known as ‘Slender Weaver’, is a clumping species that remains green throughout the year. It is one of the most popular choices for creating privacy screens. This traditional-style divider is perfect for meditation spaces, spas, and enhancing large blank walls. Each roll is made from individual bamboo canes, averaging 15mm in width, though sizes may vary from 5mm to 20mm.

Weaver’s Bamboo Privacy Screen

These large panels are ideal for maintaining privacy while still allowing personality and brightness to shine through. Weaver’s bamboo is a low-maintenance plant that thrives in partial to full sunlight, forming a beautiful clumping hedge. However, when planting bamboo, there is a risk of “running” species growing out of control, which may require professional removal. To avoid this, it is important to survey the area, take precautions, and manage roots carefully.

Our bamboo screens, supplied as four-metre rolls, come in various heights ranging from 1 metre to 2 metres. This allows for different levels of privacy to suit everyone’s needs. These screens are a sustainable solution for privacy, shading, or cladding. You can use the bamboo fence as a privacy screen, room divider, or decorative wall, making it perfect for those who like to entertain or relax in their garden.

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