How Can Bamboo Fence Panels Enhance Your Outdoor Space?

Transform your garden, patio, or commercial space into a serene and exotic paradise with our bamboo fence natural panels. Our bamboo wall claddings are not only perfect for covering ceilings and walls but also for mounting under counters and building fences. We offer a variety of garden screening rolls, including materials like fern, reed, willow, and bamboo, which are effortless to install and maintain.

With our extensive range of fence paint, it’s simple to refresh your space with trendy shades such as grey, green, or blue. Natural fencing panels made from bamboo, willow, and reed are ideal for privacy, landscaping, and adding a decorative touch to your outdoor area. Unlike cedar, bamboo is less prone to rotting, however, it does not last as long in the ground. Therefore, it is not recommended to bury or cement bamboo as you would with cedar posts.

To install the panels, you can easily tie them onto the fence using long plastic cable ties or galvanised wire, which is convenient if you wish to remove them later. If installing alone, a nail can be hammered into the top corner of your fence to hang the screening. The Reed bamboo fence screening is notably thick, providing an excellent choice for instant outdoor wind and sun protection (1m x 4m, 87).

Pre-drill holes evenly spaced at the top and bottom of each panel to facilitate easy connections. The pre-assembled rolls are highly versatile and functional for various applications. Their structure consists of 3-inch bamboo posts available in brown or black, with a 2-inch cross pole.

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Bamboo Fencing and Furniture offer a peaceful and meditative quality to any garden. Alternatively, mesh panel fencing can be utilised to distinguish different sections, such as flowerbeds or vegetable patches, within your garden. Create stunning landscapes with our fencing and landscaping materials, from fence boards and gates to trellis panels and gravel.

The Gardman R646 Bamboo fencing, crafted from 100% natural split Bamboo, is perfect for enhancing your decks, gardens, and yards. The sizes and colours of the slats may vary slightly due to the natural characteristics of the bamboo. To maintain your bamboo fence, clean it with a vinegar and water solution or a mild soapy solution, then seal it for longevity.

Bamboo serves as an eco-friendly alternative to composite, plastic, or tropical hardwood materials, boasting a rapid growth rate and a harvest cycle of 4-5 years. Use our full-stalk bamboo fence panels to create a secluded area on your patio or lawn, or to change the overall appearance of your yard.

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Screen off areas for privacy, install in a frame to replace traditional fencing, or lay on top of a chain link fence – the possibilities are endless.

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