How to Install and Maintain Eco-Friendly Bamboo Fencing

Our sustainable and eco-friendly Jumbo Reed Roll Fence Panels are constructed from freshwater reeds. Roll out your bamboo fencing and prop it against the fence as you plan to attach it. The panels are made up of vertical 25-28mm thick bamboo canes, held in place with horizontal galvanised wires. One side of the fencing is covered to prevent water or debris from getting inside.

After attaching two-by-fours, stand the bamboo fencing up along the wall where it will be attached. Forever Bamboo, a leading supplier of bamboo fencing and related outdoor products, recommends using a special transparent UV stain, Bamboo Protector, to prevent aging of bamboo fences. These heavy, full bamboo garden screening rolls are ideal for hiding unsightly items or creating a garden fence, and the closely packed slats offer privacy.

To install a bamboo roll on a fence, pull the bottom of the roll down to make it taut. Complement your garden with our edging and artificial turfs for an enhanced look. Bamboo Fence Panel Screening Roll Slat Reed Screen is perfect for outdoor fencing. The steel wire mounting allows the rolls to be bendable, so they can be shaped around corners.

This affordable bamboo fence roll is made from 8-10 mm diameter Chinese Tonkin natural bamboo sticks. We also provide closeboard fence panels, lap fence panels, fence slats, and fencing mesh. Split bamboo fencing rolls are made from thin bamboo strips, perfect for dividers or covering pool equipment, air condition units, and trash receptacles. Bamboo screens complement lawns, shrubs, and flowers well.

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The Jumbo Reed Fence is lightweight, easily cut, and installed by stapling it to any flat surface. It serves as an ideal windbreak and privacy solution. Our premium tonkin bamboo fence is handmade, using quality bamboo from subtropical monsoon regions. Each roll features one-inch diameter poles and a length of 96 inches. The bamboo is treated with pesticides and clear-coated for longevity. Please note, as a natural product, variations between rolls are expected.

For additional durability, consider treated bamboo fences that last 5-6 years, compared to untreated ones which last about 2 years. The Bamboo Slat Screening is stylish and functional for protecting plants from wind or creating private areas. Visit our showroom at 1145 Bellamy Road North Unit 9, Toronto, Ontario M1H 1H5.

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