Enhance Your Home with Elegant Black-Themed Decor and Garden Plants

Discover the elegance of matte black in home decor with our Matte Black Concrete Maxi Tray. This stylish, round tray is perfect as a vanity tray, table centrepiece, or for general decorative purposes. Its sleek design and matte finish make it a sophisticated addition to any space.

Matte Black Concrete Maxi Tray

Enhance the security and aesthetic appeal of your property with our highly decorative metal fence panels. Available as freestanding or as brickwork infill, these panels are meticulously crafted with no visible bolts or fixings, ensuring a seamless and elegant look. The tamper-proof concealed panel-to-post connectors add to the overall sophistication of these panels.

For garden enthusiasts, our range includes striking plants like the ‘Arabian Night’, known for its black leaves and deep purple-red flowers, which appear almost black in the shade. Similarly, Black Pearl plants, with their black fruits and leaves, offer a unique visual contrast in any garden setting. Springtime is especially beautiful with single pink flowers creating a spectacular display.

Our collection also features black mondo grass, producing dense clumps of true black strappy leaves, and black bamboo plants, which are highly ornamental with their culms transitioning from green to ebony black by the third year. These plants are perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your garden.

Matte Black Concrete Maxi Tray (search)

Complete your home’s aesthetic with our exquisite range of hand-made hinges, finished in natural iron or black powder coat. These high-grade materials ensure durability and a touch of class. To further elevate your home’s entrance, explore our variety of front door knockers, available in modern, contemporary, and traditional styles, suitable for all home designs.

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