Understanding the Versatility and Installation of Bamboo Fence Screening

Bamboo fence screening offers a versatile and aesthetic solution for enhancing outdoor spaces. Perfect for disguising fences, walls, and bins, it’s ideal for creating private areas in gardens for benches, tables, hot tubs, and spas. Additionally, it’s suitable for creating shaded areas under arbours and pergolas. TradeXone Reed bamboo fence screening is an excellent choice for this purpose, providing instant outdoor wind and sun protection with dimensions of 1m x 4m.

Installation of a Bamboo Fence Roll Half Round to a wooden fence or wall involves drilling 4-mm holes through the bamboo poles. Border log rolls, pressure-treated to protect against rot and decay, are guaranteed for up to 20 years. These carbonised black bamboo screening rolls can be attached to existing garden fences, stone walls, chain link wire fencing, arbours, and more. Heavy-duty plant mesh with a dark green finish blends seamlessly into your garden, hiding functional parts of your outdoor space.

Bamboo Fence Screening

High-quality Jumbo Reed Bamboo fencing is designed to cover chain link fences, enhancing garden or backyard curb appeal. GARDEN CRAFT offers 50-ft x 6-ft Black PVC Coated Steel Welded Wire Rolled Fencing, featuring a 2-in x 3-in mesh size. For painting bare bamboo screening, primers like Dulux Trade Super Grip Primer or Zinsser Bullseye 1-2-3 are recommended. Garden screening rolls come in various materials, including fern, reed, willow, and bamboo.

Feet High Bamboo Fence Rolls, Hand-Woven and Sun Shade Waterproof, are suitable for balconies, patios, and gardens. Bamboo slat natural garden fence screening rolls are ideal for long-term use and can be used as baseboards, wainscoting, and facades. For those preferring a non-natural look, artificial bamboo rolls are an alternative. Bamboo fences are eco-friendly, lacking toxic deposits that aid biodegradation. Various sizes of Bamboo Fence roll Tonkin are available, and they can be easily modified.

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These fences comprise vertical bamboo canes of varying thickness, held together with horizontal galvanised wires. Reed fence rolls are bound with galvanized iron wire or green nylon thread. Split bamboo slats fences are available in sizes like 4′ X 8′, 6′ X 8′, and 8′ X 8′. Note that bamboo screening is a natural product, so slat sizes and colours may slightly vary. This bamboo fence rolls on a roll is made from Chinese Moso natural bamboo sticks with a diameter of 20-35 mm.

GARDEN CRAFT’s 150-ft x 3-ft Gray Steel Chicken Wire Rolled Fencing features a 1-in mesh size. MND Dealings offers a Natural Reed Screen Curtain, an Eco-Friendly Bamboo Reed Fence measuring 1 x 6 Meters, perfect for garden, balcony, or window decor. Most bamboo fences consist of tight rolls of contiguous stalks, bound together with galvanized steel wire. To install, simply drill a 25 in (64 cm) wood screw through the bamboo and into the support beam at the bottom, attaching it to existing fences or walls with galvanised wire, cable ties, or screws/nails.

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