Enhancing Your Home with the Perfect Garden Gate: Styles, Maintenance, and Installation Tips

When considering the installation of a garden gate, privacy and light flow are essential factors. The 6ft Double Slatted Gate from Forest combines these aspects with a contemporary style, suitable for matching fencing. For a more traditional touch, hand-constructed wrought iron gates in the UK offer custom dimensions for any width or height. Wooden driveway gates, especially those made from softwood timber, promise durability of up to 10 years with proper annual maintenance.

Garden Gate Styles and Maintenance Tips

Security is another vital aspect of gate installation. Wooden gates from brands like Wickes ensure both privacy and security in your home and garden. Their Dip Treated timber comes with a 10-year Anti-Rot guarantee, adding to their appeal. For those requiring specific orientations, standard five-bar field gates are available in both left-hand and right-handed options.


Installation considerations include ensuring posts are weather-cut and of the correct length, considering the depth of the hole, gate height, and under-gate clearances. The standard size for a full-height wooden gate in the UK is approximately 6ft x 3ft. For areas with deer, specialized Deer Gates are effective without compromising the fence’s effectiveness.

For those looking for a mix of modern design and functionality, Flat Top Aluminium Pedestrian Gates offer partial privacy with a solid infill. Remember, for heavy gates, appropriate hinges are crucial to support the weight and prevent warping. In the UK, the maximum height for a backyard fence is 6.6 feet, while front garden fences next to footpaths or public roads should not exceed 3.9 feet.

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