Enhance Your Garden with Willow Screens: A Versatile and Eco-Friendly Choice

Willow screens, available in various heights, are an excellent solution for concealing unsightly areas in your garden. Wilko offers a range of garden fencing, screening, and trellis options to enhance your outdoor space. These screens are crafted from coppiced willow and hazel, employing a traditional, eco-friendly, and sustainable process. This involves cutting back branches to ground level, promoting fresh growth annually.

Made from individual vertical willow canes, up to 15mm in diameter, these screening rolls are an ideal choice for adding privacy and aesthetic appeal to your garden. The installation process is straightforward: with pliers, attach the screening roll to the fence by tightening the wire or cable ties around both the screening rods and the fence. Additionally, for bamboo screens, stapling to the fence posts is also an option.

Willow Garden Screening


The PRIME PLUS 1m x 2m Expanding Willow Fence Garden Screening Trellis with Artificial Plant Leaves is a standout product in this category. It’s not just a fence but a statement piece that elevates the look of any garden. These willow garden screening rolls offer not only aesthetic appeal but also functional versatility. They are flexible, strong, and ideal for a variety of uses, including as privacy screens for chain-link fences.

Hazel hurdle fencing offers a natural, slightly wild look while maintaining enough rigidity to last. It caters to a wide range of tastes and garden styles. Living Willow Farm specializes in custom willow garden features, including raised beds, privacy screens, willow fencing, wattle panels, and more, to create stunning garden borders and features.

Discover more about willow fencing and find the perfect match for your garden. Willow Fencing Screening (search)

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