Enhancing Your Fence: Effective Solutions for Height and Security

Transform your outdoor space into an elegant extension of your home with Wickes’ fencing accessories. These products are made with over 12 parts of titanium dioxide and potent UV inhibitors, ensuring their strength and durability to withstand extreme weather conditions like hurricanes and tornadoes. If you’re looking to prevent your adventurous dog from jumping over the fence or enhance your yard’s security and privacy, consider extending your fence height. Duramax Fences offers premium vinyl wall toppers crafted with DuraResin vinyl formulation for exceptional resilience.

Standard install height for Colorbond fencing is 1800mm, but for added privacy and security, you can extend this height with minimal investment. For additional components, visit our Fence Extension Components page. There are two main methods to extend fence height: replacing concrete posts or using chain link post extensions to increase height by one or two feet, or to add barbed wire.

For cat owners, Purrfect Cat Fence offers a reliable cat containment system that has kept nearly 100,000 cats safe outdoors for over 20 years. In Victoria, the average boundary fence height not requiring a permit is 2m. Chain link fence height extension poles can be utilized for this purpose.

The Coolabah design features a 3D pattern of gum leaves offering 75% block out, perfect for those seeking a blend of privacy and aesthetics. Our vinyl fences are designed to endure the Southwest sun without rotting, staining, fading, or warping, thanks to the long-lasting vinyl composition.

Adding an extra foot of height along with a decorative touch is possible with fence panels. For dogs that tend to jump rather than climb, climbing plants and vines can be used to cover barbed wire, making your garden inaccessible from the outside.

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We offer a range of solutions like the Metpost Post Extender Wedge Grip, perfect for securely attaching new fence post extensions to existing ones. Deer fence extensions are also an efficient way to deter deer without replacing the entire fence. Easy Fence Ltd provides steel extenders that can easily transform a 3-foot slotted concrete post into a 6-foot one.

To ensure stability, bamboo poles, about 12-foot-tall, can be sunk 3 feet into the ground along your fence line. Barbed wire extenders are also available for chain link posts.

For DIY enthusiasts, we provide fence clips, bolts, and EAI 75x600mm Fence Post Spike Anchor Brackets in a Pack of 2. When installing, ensure level alignment for the best results. Galvanised steel accessories are ideal for gates, fence posts, and panels, offering unmatched durability.

For wooden posts, consider facing the 4 x 4 post on all sides with your choice of wood. Our extenders can raise your fence by up to three feet, with the option to cut them for smaller height increases. The curved top design effectively stops dogs from jumping over the fence.

When building a fence near a habitable room, remember to allow for at least 1 metre of clear sky and 3 square metres of ‘light court’.

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