Enhance Your Garden with Versatile Bamboo Screening

Artificial PVC Bamboo Screening, available in a range of shades and sizes, offers a convenient way to enhance existing fences, balustrades, or pergolas. Its double-sided design, extending up to 4 meters in length, adds a natural touch to gardens with less maintenance required than real bamboo.

The process of shaping bamboo involves cutting into the cane, holding the handles, and striking it against a flat rock. This method ensures the bamboo is prepared for use in various applications, such as Natureed’s natural textured finish, engineered bamboo slats, or exotic bamboo rod screens. These options allow for transforming old fences or creating new, stylish privacy screens.

Bamboo Screening

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Decorative garden screens and bamboo screens can be selected to match any garden style. For instance, a bamboo slate fence or reed fencing can add a natural feel to patios, effectively screening old fences and brick walls. These screens are not only stylish but also adjustable, offering privacy from curious neighbours.

While bamboo screening can be painted, it’s important to note that stains and paints may not adhere well to its dense, smooth surface. Bamboo Garden Screening by WOODSGOOD, featuring natural split bamboo and weatherproof galvanised wire, is perfect for partitioning garden spaces, offering both functionality and aesthetic appeal. It’s an ideal solution for covering unsightly fences or creating a garden feature.

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