How Can Bamboo Screening Enhance Your Garden Privacy?

Our extensive range of fencing and screening ensures that activities like sunbathing, potting, digging, and star-gazing can be enjoyed in complete privacy. Grasses and bamboos, when carefully selected, provide an attractive screen that adds movement and sound in a breeze, enhancing the garden’s aesthetic.

The Split bamboo screening is versatile, suitable for use on its own or attached to an existing fence. It’s ideal for adding privacy to overlooked gardens, improving the look of walls and fences, providing shade in pergolas and arbours, and protecting tender plants from wind. This Black Bamboo species offers a stunning privacy screen with darker hues than typical bamboo. However, note that our courier service is a single driver, so assistance may be needed for unloading large or heavy items.

Bamboo Screening in a Garden

Our bamboo screening solutions are perfect for covering unsightly fences or creating features in your garden. They’re ideal for creating private spaces for benches, tables, hot tubs, and spas. They can also be used over arbours and pergolas to create shaded areas. Our Hedge Screening Bamboo Plants with Yellow-Orange Stems, available in 15 Litre Large pots, are grown by WorldGardenPlants and add a unique touch to any garden.

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Our bamboo slat natural garden fence screening rolls are durable, ideal for long-term use, and versatile for use as baseboards, wainscoting, and facades. The TradeXone Reed bamboo fence screening is extra thick, providing an excellent choice for outdoor wind and sun protection. Unlike conventional methods, a bamboo fence can be constructed entirely from bamboo, offering a unique and sustainable fencing solution. It can also be used to add height to existing walls and fences for added privacy. The Woven Reed Screen, made from natural reed cane, offers an organic privacy solution.

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