Enhance Your Garden with Natural Willow Screening: A Practical and Attractive Choice

Discover the charm and practicality of natural willow screening for your garden. This attractive and durable trellis fence made from weather-resistant willow is perfect for adding privacy and shade. Its high-quality design makes it ideal for screening different areas of your garden, providing a natural and rustic touch.

Willow Screening

Add texture and colour to your outdoor space with willow cane screening. This roll of screening is not only visually appealing but also robust, standing up well in various circumstances, from footballs being kicked against it to cars reversing into it. For a stronger and more durable option, consider the continuous weave hazel fencing, made with a heavier grade material.


The Expanding Laurus Fence is an excellent addition to refresh your garden. Installation, though demanding, is worth the effort. The willow trellis, made from natural materials, is an easy-to-use option for your garden. The UETIAN Artificial Ivy Screening on Willow Trellis combines the beauty of maple leaves with the convenience of an expanding garden cover.

Willow fences are an eco-friendly choice, constructed from rapidly renewable materials. They blend seamlessly into both modern and traditional gardens, enhancing the aesthetic with a warm, rustic ambiance. These fences can be used for various purposes, from adding height to walls to concealing compost heaps. Framed willow fencing is versatile, suiting many different garden styles and needs.

To ensure stability, anchor your willow screening firmly, with the thickest sticks positioned at the ends. Willow screens are available in different heights, perfect for concealing unsightly areas or adding an extra layer of privacy.

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Explore the possibilities of willow screening for your garden. Whether you’re looking for a natural fence or an attractive trellis, willow screening offers both beauty and practicality. Willow Screening (search)

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