Enhancing Your Garden with Durable Willow Fencing: A Guide to Installation and Care

Treating your willow fencing regularly with a mixture of boiled linseed oil and turpentine is key to ensuring its longevity. Large cuttings, known as rods, are useful for willow screening or creating a living willow fence. The wire used in the production of the fencing is strong and durable, making it particularly suitable for wet weather conditions.

Introducing the Willow Garden Screening Rolls – a premium solution for transforming an ordinary fence into an eye-catching masterpiece. For installation, make holes with an old screwdriver, then push the rods or whips (willow stems) 30cm (12in) or more into the ground. Willow thrives in moisture-retentive areas in full sun, though it’s adaptable to various soil types. Its unique style serves as a perfect backdrop for any garden, especially when contrasted with the green of plant life.

Our willow fence panels, made with bark-on willow, enhance their lifespan. The strong wire used in production ensures long-lasting quality in wet conditions. When reaching the end post, wrap the excess willow around it and continue the weave along the fence. Willow fencing, combined with bamboo, is ideal for garden screening, creating private spaces, or simply as a decorative feature.

Willow Fencing

Primrose Premium Willow Fencing Screening Rolls by Papillon, measuring 4m x 1m, are an excellent choice for garden screening. They can frame flower beds, shade corners, or hide unsightly fences and walls. Made from natural willow, this eco-friendly option ensures durability. Willow fencing typically lasts 5 – 10 years, outlasting natural reed fencing. To create a simple willow hurdle, hammer thick sticks into the ground as upright posts, providing a charming addition to your garden.

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Willow Fence Screening rolls, measuring 2 meters high and 3 meters wide, feature densely bound willow branches. The lifespan of these hurdles varies based on location and exposure. Custom sizes are available to suit specific needs. X 3m Willow Screening is a decorative fencing option perfect for adding privacy to your home.

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