Exploring Garden Fencing Options: Willow Screens, Bamboo, and More

Poundstretcher offers a diverse array of fencing materials, including brushwood, burnt logs, traditional painted pickets, plastic, and bamboo. A standout option is the verdant living willow screen, a heavy-duty garden screen perfect for adding screening or extra height to existing fences. Similarly, bamboo fence screening is naturally tied together with galvanized wires, providing an aesthetic and practical solution.

The addition of 86 pieces of artificial leaves on a willow trellis fence enhances outdoor landscapes, while the durability of 100% natural willow ensures long-lasting quality. For those seeking variety, wilko’s range of garden fencing, screening, and trellis offers ample choices. Willow fencing stands out for its flexibility and strength, ideal for attaching to existing fences or creating separate screening areas in gardens.

Tim Radford’s achievement as Supreme Champion in the 2018 National Hedgelaying Championship highlights the expertise behind these products. The collection includes wooden garden fencing and fence panels in various styles, like traditional, decorative, and picket. Framed hurdle fencing provides an alternative for extending the height of low garden walls, crafted from hazel and willow for an attractive finish.

Willow fencing is particularly suitable for creating privacy screens or defining garden perimeters. The selection of grasses and bamboos can enhance the garden with movement and sound, while framed hurdles offer an appealing fence option throughout the year. For those on a budget, the idea of re-cycling and re-purposing comes into play, especially in garden screening ideas.

The Willow Fence Screening Roll is a versatile solution for covering ordinary fences or partitioning the garden. Slatted fence panels can be attached to the posts of a wooden pergola or gazebo, creating a cozy retreat. The INMOZATA Anti-UV Outdoor Shade Netting and PRIME PLUS Expanding Willow Fence Garden Screening Trellis are other notable options, offering privacy and aesthetic appeal.

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Installation is straightforward, with posts typically being twice the height of the screening roll. The 6ft willow hurdle decorative screen is a woven construction that adds a rustic touch and serves as an effective garden divider. Robust willow reeds require no maintenance and resist moisture, making them an ideal choice for garden screening.

Apollo Willow Roll-Up Screening and Primrose Premium Willow Fencing Screening Rolls by Papillon are examples of high-quality products in this range. Willow fence screens are strong enough to extend the height of existing fences, increasing garden privacy. Combining a shabby fence or inexpensive screening with vintage-style objects can enhance the country-style look.

Two distinct materials, willow and bulrush, offer different screening solutions. Willow screens are eco-friendly, durable, and versatile, ideal for outdoor use and increasing privacy. The Casa Pura Natural Willow Fence Screening comes in various sizes, providing a 100% natural privacy screen for gardens, balconies, and terraces.

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