Transform Your Garden with Stylish Decking and Fencing Designs

Looking to completely revamp your garden? Decking is an excellent choice for a fresh, new look. Opt for fencing designs with integrated trellis screens, or consider using slatted Venetian fence panels. These decorative screens are versatile, suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, and come in a variety of styles. Whether it’s square lattice or diamond styles, trellis and screening panels can provide structure for climbing plants, create a boundary wall, or segment different areas of your garden for varied uses.

Garden Screen Design

Our Metal Garden Screen GEOMETRIC is a popular choice, crafted from high-grade Aluminium with a premium satin powder coated finish. This versatile trellis works not just as a wall decoration but also as a garden screen or fence panel. For those seeking flexibility, the Nisorpa 2Pack Expanding Trellis Fence is ideal. This freestanding, solid wooden movable fence is foldable and perfect for patio, lawn decoration, or as a pet safety fence.

Decorative screening is an easy and cost-effective way to add a stylish feature to your home. Luxury Screens, the UK’s leading manufacturer, offers garden screens, composite fencing, and privacy screens designed with horizontal slatted fence panels for a clean, simple aesthetic. Adjust the slats to create privacy while allowing sunlight to filter through in various directions, enhancing your garden’s ambiance. Additionally, our natural split bamboo screens, woven with galvanised wire, are perfect for covering unattractive walls or fences, instantly transforming the look and feel of your garden.

Every privacy screen we manufacture is tailored to your specific needs, crafted with care in the UK. For those with limited space, MTB Black Coated Garden Iron Style Metal Side Outdoor Patio Gate offers a decorative solution. This fence panel is ideal for adding a touch of privacy to your home without the need for a full fence. Similarly, PaMeer offers large wooden picket fence panels, perfect for garden edging and lawn borders, adding a natural wood color to your garden’s aesthetic.

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