Enhance Your Garden with Stylish Trellises and Planters

Discover the charm and functionality of block style square planters with capping and trellis. These wooden planters are not just garden planters; they are also a statement piece for your outdoor spaces. Metal garden trellises with stylish and elegant designs are perfect for adding height to climbing plants, transforming your garden into a vertical wonderland.

Stylish Trellis and Planter

For DIY enthusiasts, an intriguing project involves disassembling an old bike and using its tires, a metal pole, wire, and garden twine to create a unique trellis. This innovative approach to recycling not only enhances your garden but also adds a touch of creativity. You can either purchase a trellis from a gardening centre or build one yourself, depending on your preference and skill level.

Our range includes a variety of shapes and sizes, suitable for any budget, ensuring you’ll find everything you need. The tall trellis, easy to assemble with just two nuts and bolts, is ideal for wall climbing plants or for use in gardening containers and flower pots. The fully-assembled planter and wooden trellis are ready for planting as soon as you fix the trellis to the back of the planter with the supplied screws.

HaziQ 3 X(85cm) Bamboo Fan Pot Ladder Trellis provides outdoor and indoor plant support, offering weather resistance and support to climbing plants. To create a natural trellis, insert bamboo stakes around the perimeter of the pot, angling them towards the center. This method is excellent for supporting climbers like clematis, known for their distinctive flowers in various colors.

When planting climbers, consider the sunlight requirements. For example, cucumbers thrive in areas receiving at least 8 hours of direct sunlight daily. Compact climbers, whether positioned against a wall trellis or grown up an obelisk, are perfect for limited spaces.

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Enhance your garden with these versatile trellises and planters, perfect for adding both beauty and functionality to your outdoor spaces.

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