Supporting Climbing Plants: Tips for Building Sturdy Trellises and Selecting the Right Plants

Obelisks are a classic, easily assembled solution for garden trellises, providing dense coverage and facilitating climbing plants to grip more easily than when relying solely on potted plants. They are especially beneficial for vines like wisteria and climbing roses, which produce heavy stems and foliage, necessitating a solidly built trellis to support their weight. A variety of supports like moss poles, coir climbing stakes, and bendable extensions are available for indoor plants like Monstera and Green Dill Vine, enhancing the aesthetics of your garden space.

This 6-foot-tall DIY obelisk trellis is perfect for beginners and can support various plants, from draping vines to roses, jasmine, or wisteria. The Gripple Garden Trellis System offers a quick and efficient method to support climbing plants and fruits. It is ideal for climbing crops like beans and tomatoes, cane fruits such as raspberries and blackberries, or ornamentals like wisteria, roses, and clematis.

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RHS Horticultural Advisor Katherine Liu shares creative ideas and recycling tips for making climbing vegetable supports. It’s important to support climbing plants as they grow, with various methods available. The process involves measuring up from the ground to about a third of the desired height of the plant, which is crucial for climbers needing grip support.

There’s a vast range of plant stakes, wind protection, and frames available for supporting peas, beans, climbing plants, and flowers. Not every vining plant requires a large trellis; some thrive in small pots with minimal support. When planting climbers, it’s advisable to place them about 30-45cm (1ft-18in) from the base of a wall, ensuring adequate space for root development and rain catchment. Ivy (Hedera helix) is an excellent evergreen climber and benefits wildlife.

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Traditional support structures often utilize bamboo canes or natural straight branches. Products like the Fiora Metal Garden Arch from Wayfair add a decorative touch to your garden, even before plant growth. Other support options include wooden garden trellis, expanding lattice fence panels, and plant support clips. Climbing plants like roses (ramblers) can cover supports quickly but typically bloom once a season. Rustic willow rattan obelisk plant supports are ideal for creating height interest and protecting plants from wind and rain. Tall flower stems such as delphiniums or dahlias can be individually tied to bamboo canes for support.

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