How Can an Artificial Olive Tree Enhance Your Indoor Decor?

Enhance your indoor space with the elegance of an artificial olive tree, a perfect touch of nature without the maintenance. Our selection includes a range of faux trees, from bamboos and palms to exotics and more, allowing you to instantly create the look you desire.

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WOHSEROM’s Artificial Olive Tree stands at 6FT tall, featuring faux branches and lifelike fruits, and comes with a plastic planter pot, ideal for modern home and office d├ęcor. The artificial olive silk trees, like the CROSOFMI model at 120cm, are perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings. These trees are not only aesthetically pleasing but also built with safety in mind, coated with ThermaLeaf protection to be fire-resistant.

Artificial Olive Tree

For those seeking a realistic look, the lush faux olive leaves add a soft touch of greenery. FGASAD offers 4pcs of 37 Inches Tall Artificial Olive Tree Branches, perfect for floral arrangements and greenery decor. Our trees, like the Fopamtri Artificial Olive Tree at 180cm, ensure a lifelike presence, complete with fruits for that authentic feel.

Remember that an olive tree indoors thrives on a 16-16-16 nitrogen phosphorus potassium ratio, but with these artificial varieties, you can enjoy the beauty without worrying about plant care. Furthermore, for a tailored fit to your space, many of our faux trees can be custom built.

Experience great and fast service from one of the UK’s top retailers of artificial plants, trees, and silk flowers. Bring a piece of nature indoors effortlessly with our tall faux olive trees, suitable for any indoor decor.

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