Revitalize Your Garden Space with Stylish Planters and Pots

A new home for your plants and flowers can be a perfect touch when adding your personality to your green spaces. Make score marks along the edges that will meet, attach a coil to the scored area, and add a little water to the clay. Our garden pots and planters are a great solution for those short on space and for those wanting to keep their garden tidy.

Stylish Planters and Pots

Consider the Honeycomb Metal Wall Planter for a unique hanging option. This hexagonal, geometric wall plant stand is perfect for indoor settings without draining holes, ensuring a no-drip solution. For a more traditional approach, the Garden Pride Wall Mounted Pot Ring allows you to simply screw it to any brick wall or fence, holding plant pots or flower pots securely.

Adding a splash of color to your outdoor spaces? The Habitat number, with its minty base and fun beachy stripes, is an excellent choice. For indoor elegance, consider the handmade copper plant holder, perfect for either indoor or outdoor settings. And for those who love a modern, industrial look, the Elho loft urban green wall is an ideal pick. This playful, customizable vertical garden allows you to create your own urban jungle, even in the smallest of spaces.

Whether you’re planting olive trees or a blooming hydrangea, our range includes sizes to suit every outdoor space. All of our terracotta wall pots have a flat back to rest neatly against a wall or fence, blending seamlessly with your garden decor.

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