How to Grow and Care for Bamboo in Containers and Gardens

Growing bamboo in containers requires starting with a planter of at least 30” by 30”. The size and shape of the planter can influence the growth of the bamboo, with long narrow planters producing a similarly shaped screen. Bamboo is a spectacular plant, with its bold, upright canes and fluttering evergreen foliage. It’s especially popular in contemporary, jungle, or Japanese-style gardens, and black bamboo (Phyllostachys nigra) is a favored variety due to its elegance and adaptability.

Bamboo Plant in Container

For propagation, root cuttings are generally the quickest and easiest method. Timber Bamboo, a low-maintenance variety, thrives in full sun and consistently moist soil. Clump-forming bamboos are ideal for large specimen plants or mixed border plantings and are more container-friendly than running bamboos. At Paramount Plants, we specialize in a range of bamboo plants and mature trees.

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Bamboo plants create stunning focal points, whether grown in containers on patios and balconies or as part of a garden landscape. The right pot, like a white bamboo plant pot with an elegant curved silhouette and a smooth matte finish, can enhance the plant’s beauty. When planting, ensure the top of the root mass is level with the soil for optimal growth.

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