Maximizing Privacy and Style with Wooden Trellis Fence Toppers

Our wooden fence panels are treated with a minimum 10-year anti-rot guarantee, ensuring long-lasting durability and quality. To enhance privacy, wooden trellis panels can be added to square fence panels or existing fences. A fence trellis topper not only adds height for privacy but also contributes an attractive design element. This versatile trellis can be used on its own or atop a fence panel for a decorative shape and added privacy. Wooden trellis fencing is ideal for natural landscaping, creating garden rooms, or lining a patio.

Our trellis features a framed lattice section, designed to be fixed between posts at the top of traditional 6ft wide fence panels. This addition provides a decorative finish and extra height. Available in four heights – 900mm (2 feet 11 inches), 1200mm (3 feet 11 inches), 1500mm (4 feet 11 inches), and 1800mm (5 feet 11 inches) – this measurement includes the 300mm (11 inches) trellis. The rough sawn timber has been dip treated for protection against rot, ensuring longevity.

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Made of weather-resistant willow, our high-quality trellis fence is perfect for screening garden areas. We offer a full range of fencing options, from sturdy garden fence panels to decorative trellis panels and chain link fencing. Select from metal Fence garden trellises in minimalist designs, stately wrought iron, or appealing geometric patterns. Diamond or lattice trellises can be used as contemporary garden screens to hide unsightly areas or affixed to walls as attractive supports for climbing plants.

Wooden trellis panels add traditional style and interest to the tops of walls and fence panels, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your garden or outdoor space. Wooden Trellis Fence Toppers

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