Enhancing Your Garden with Timber Trellis: A Guide to Decorative and Functional Fencing Options

Our classic decorative trellis, featuring a smaller 20mm privacy gap, is perfect for additional garden screening and privacy. The Timber trellis, recognized for its effectiveness as a climbing deterrent, is ideal for domestic fences. Garden trellis serves not only as a perimeter fence to keep people or animals out without hindering views or light but also supports a variety of climbing plants.

Timber Trellis for Garden Screening

Our range includes fan designs to extensive 180cm x 180cm options, all made from quality treated timber. The trellis is available in one height, 1800mm (5 feet 11 inches), including a 300mm (11 inches) trellis. Even a simple trim across your current fence can transform your garden’s look.

For those interested in durability, our pressure-treated fence panels with chemical preservatives protect against rot and infestation. Combining these panels with trellis or fence toppers adds a personal touch to your fence line. Our premium timber fence panels come with a 25-year guarantee against rot and insect attack.

Decorative panels with built-in trellis tops offer a complete fencing solution. The third style of capping rail, fitting between fence posts and sitting on the fence panel, provides a unique look. Wooden trellis fencing is ideal for natural landscaping, framing gardens, and adding greenery to fence lines.

A trellis privacy fence is perfect for smaller patio areas and helps define outdoor spaces like decks and gardens. Regulations on trellis heights may vary, so it’s important to check local guidelines. Lastly, our arch top diamond trellis is versatile, suitable for standalone use, or as an addition to existing fences, and is great for climbing plants.

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