How to Choose and Install the Perfect Expandable Garden Trellis for Your Outdoor Space

Discover the versatility and durability of expandable garden trellises, ideal for enhancing your outdoor areas or for pet containment. This wooden expanding fencing, resistant to weather conditions, is perfect for sectioning parts of your garden stylishly or for keeping animals at bay. When installing, use 35mm screws to attach one U bracket inside each fence post or wood batten extension, approximately halfway between the top and bottom of where the trellis panel will be placed.

Expandable garden trellises offer a 15-year guarantee against rot and fungal decay, thanks to the high-pressure treated timber used in their construction. They are perfect for fitting into various spaces with their expandable length. The Purrfect Fence stands out as an ideal choice for expandable pet fences or portable animal fencing, offering easy expansion or relocation.

Expandable Garden Trellis

Made from pressure-treated solid wood in an attractive trellis design, these fences can either stand on wide bracket feet or be fixed more permanently in a shallow trench. If you’re attaching trellis to a fence panel, the process is similar, and you may be able to screw it directly to the frame of the fence panel. These trellises are ideal for disguising existing walls, fencing, or providing privacy around swimming pools and terraces.

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Our range includes various types of expandable trellises, such as the Bamboo Lattice Fence, Plant Climbing Trellis, and more. They come in different styles, like the Garden Trellis Wooden Lattices, which are perfect for climbing plants and add a decorative touch to your patio or indoor walls. The openings between battens are about 16cm when fully expanded, ideal for training flowering plants. For more artificial options, our fence panels are expandable and available in different sizes to meet a variety of needs.

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To enhance your outdoor space further, explore products like the Outsunny Expanding Trellis Fence, a freestanding aluminum alloy movable fence that’s foldable and perfect for patio lawn decoration. Remember, our artificial leaf fences with natural appearances are great for interior and exterior decoration, offering privacy and an ideal choice for wedding decoration and outdoor landscaping.

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