Enhance Your Garden with Durable Bamboo Fence Screening

Our high-quality bamboo fence is ideal for creating a practical as well as decorative border for garden paths, flowerbeds, lawns, and more. The durability of our garden fencing screening is ensured by heat treatment, making it stable and long-lasting in use. Available in different sizes, including 1m x 4m, these natural garden fencing screening rolls are perfect for long-term use, serving as baseboards, wainscoting, and facades. We specialize in carefully sourced sustainable bamboo products in various colors and configurations for both residential and commercial use.

White Expanding Plastic Garden Trellis Screening, Fencing Trellis Panel, and Plant Support for Climbing Flowers (180 x 60cm) are also part of our diverse range. Bamboo screens, versatile and easy to install, make light work of creating a feature area in the garden or disguising an existing fence. Split bamboo screening can be used on its own or attached to an existing fence to add privacy, improve the look of walls and fences, provide shade, and protect tender plants from wind.

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Reed fencing and bamboo fencing, while similar in appearance, are made from different organic materials. TradeXone Reed bamboo fence screening, extra thick garden screening, is an ideal choice for bamboo screening, providing an instant solution for outdoor wind and sun protection. Available in sizes like 1m x 4m and 2m x 4m, this robust and eco-friendly Thick Carbonised Black Bamboo Screening Roll will make a perfect practical addition to your garden.

Bamboo Fence Screening

Supplied as a four-metre roll, this bamboo screen is available in a variety of heights, from 1 metre up to 2 metres, allowing different levels of privacy to suit everyone’s needs. Eco-Friendly Reed Screen Curtain, Balcony Reed Fence, Bamboo Screen Fencing for Outdoor Backyard Patio(Brown), and Black Bamboo Screen (2m high and 2m wide) using whole bamboo poles are also excellent options. These products are perfect to use as dividers, to cover unattractive old fencing, hide pool equipment, air condition units, and trash receptacles. Garden Fence Panel, Garden PVC Bamboo Fencing, Screening Panels, and Posts Cover are also part of our extensive range.

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