How Can Artificial Trees and Plants Transform Your Space?

Experience the ease and beauty of maintenance-free greenery with COSTWAY’s Artificial Monstera Plants. The 152cm faux Monstera Deliciosa Tree comes with 15 different leaves and a solid cement pot, ideal for indoor home decoration. Embrace the ambiance of nature indoors without the upkeep.

For a stunning light display, the LED Light Tree stands at 180 cm and mimics an Olive Tree with 300 warm white LEDs. It comes with 8 light modes and a remote control, making it a perfect choice for both Christmas decorations and year-round indoor or outdoor use.

Watch the LED Tree in action

In Dubai, our inventory includes a vast selection of small, medium, and large trees with a variety of foliage types, including Olive, Ficus, Bamboo, and Topiary. Both outdoor and indoor options are available, boasting an incredibly realistic appearance.

The ARIATI FEJKA offers a set of two artificial green hanging potted trailing plants, perfect for both indoor and outdoor decor. Our product range has grown significantly, always focusing on supplying only top-quality artificial plants.

Our artificial trees and large plants collection is extensive, featuring lifelike Cordyline Pants, Rubber Plants, Hosta Plants, and more. They are indistinguishable from outdoor plants and add a fresh touch to any space, from bathrooms to conservatories.

Choose from a variety of artificial boxwood, buxus topiary, bay trees, cedar, juniper, and more to enhance your garden or interior space. For special occasions like weddings, our artificial cherry blossom foliage offers subtle color options in pink and white.

Artificial Monstera Plant

Our range of faux bamboo is hassle-free and looks completely natural. The SOGUYI brand provides 40cm artificial Areca and Sansevieria plants that are highly realistic and great for home decor. Additionally, Lighterday offers a set of two large artificial yellow palm plants, enhancing the aesthetic of any room.

  How Can Faux Exterior Plants Transform Your Outdoor Space?

A key trend this season is the Artificial Topiary Tree, which creates a classic and contemporary vibe in your home, office, or garden. The Sill’s line of fake indoor plants is equally fabulous, offering a leader’s perspective in artificial plant solutions.

Our indoor artificial trees allow for a lush environment without the commitment of live tree maintenance. Ficus trees with natural wood trunks and realistic shapes are among our most lifelike offerings. Zlesso provides small artificial eucalyptus plants, perfect for adding greenery to your indoor spaces.

From fake topiaries that make a bold statement at your entrance to artificial hanging plants that add a touch of greenery to your walls, our range caters to all your decorative needs.

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