How Can Faux Exterior Plants Transform Your Outdoor Space?

For those who are short on time, lack a green thumb, or are unable to tend to a garden, our range of faux exterior plants offers an instant transformation for your outside space. Introducing the Potted Artificial Ruscus Trailing Plant, which at 80cm, provides a realistic replica of a live trailing ruscus. The Artificial Split Philo Trailing Plant, measuring 65cm, is a simple yet effective way to emulate the beauty of trailing philodendron leaves. Additionally, the Artificial String of Pearl in Two Tone Green brings the allure of succulents into your home with ease.

Our entire selection of artificial outdoor plants, including our faux topiary trees, is UV stable to ensure they won’t fade, discolour, or become brittle over time. For those looking to revitalize a dull wall space, our Real Artificial trailing bamboo bush is an ideal choice. Moreover, the Artificial Wisteria with its rich foliage presents a realistic climbing flower vine perfect for wall hanging or as an elegant door floral decor.

How Can Faux Exterior Plants Transform Your Outdoor Space?

Trailing ivy plants, such as our Dremisland Artificial Plant Eucalyptus, are perfect for softening the straight lines of bookcases or mantelpieces. This set of three decorative artificial hanging plants with pots is not only visually pleasing but also a practical addition to any room. While artificial plants are gaining popularity for their ease and fresh appearance, they also come with the advantage of a no-fuss setup due to their spike-like stem which acts as an anchor for easy potting.

These lovely plants add delicate greenery and neutral colour to any home or office space. The Artificial Trailing Fittonia Plant in Macrame Hanger is just one example of how faux plants can bring life to any area without the seasonal limitations of their natural counterparts. And if you’re a fan of the unique feathery leaves of the asparagus fern, our Artificial Bay Leaf Trailing Plant offers a maintenance-free version with flocked leaves to enjoy all year round.

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