Exploring the Elegance and Durability of Cane Rattan Furniture

The evolution of synthetic rattan represents a significant advancement over the plastic furniture of the 1990s, offering a more refined look and feel. Our collection at Kingsway Cane includes a variety of budget-friendly cane and rattan dining furniture, exemplifying both style and durability. Handwoven cane rattan panels paired with comfortable, grey padded upholstered seats define our craftsmanship. The natural cane webbing and rattan cane rolls are perfect for caning projects, enhancing furniture like chairs and cabinets with a woven open mesh design.

Our Bordon Rattan folding chair, inspired by classic designs and updated with a practical folding feature, is both stylish and space-efficient. The diversity in our dining table collection caters to different needs, seating either two or six people, ideal for family homes or dinner parties. The long-lasting nature of cane and rattan ensures these pieces will remain a part of your home for years.

Cane Rattan Furniture

Our conservatory furniture at Cane Industries showcases the skillful use of wicker, wood, and textile materials. The premium natural rattan cane, characterized by its density and strength, is especially notable for its long node distance, setting it apart from other varieties. This rattan variety can seat approximately 16 average bedroom chairs per kilo. Our End-of-Line Clearance Brown Wicker Cane Conservatory Armchair Set is a testament to this quality.

Wicker, the process of weaving natural materials like rattan and cane, has seen a resurgence in interior design. Our furniture, made from these materials, is not only strong and durable but also lightweight, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The synthetic fibres used in our products meet exacting standards for outdoor use and environmental consideration. For instance, our two-seater sofa, with its natural rattan cane material and thick, soft UK-made cushions, offers a luxurious sitting experience.

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Discover the versatility and elegance of cane rattan furniture in our collections, which range from mid-century modern to bohemian, traditional, provincial, and coastal styles. Whether you’re looking to add a contemporary flair to your conservatory or garden room, our selection of sofas, chairs, and tables will meet your needs.

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