Enhancing Your Garden with Stylish Planters and Greenhouses

Trees make an amazing garden focal point and are a popular choice for container gardening. The small, slightly wavy-edged leaves have creamy edges with an overall silvery cast, enhanced by the plant’s year-round appeal. The small clusters of honey-scented, chocolate-coloured spring flowers add to its charm. Accompanying these are ornamental grasses, variegated ivy, pretty Cyclamen, and winter pansies, all excellent choices for planting.

Garden Planters and Trees

Polycarbonate greenhouses, letting in ample sunlight, create the perfect environment for plant growth. Stylish Planter Garden Benches transform any garden, adding seating, storage, and an interesting feature. Our collection of planters and pots, available at up to 60% less*, offers a stylish home for your plants. These range from plastic pots for indoor and outdoor plants to traditional wall-mounted garden planters, like the Esschert triple flower pot holder.

For those interested in farming, a convenient garden seed planter is available for small to medium-scale farmers. To enhance plant health, layer the bottom of your planter with soil and compost. Our industrial galvanised planters and pots, featuring a raw zinc and rust finish, beautifully highlight lush greenery and delicate flowers. These planters are ideal for small/medium-sized plants, such as herbs or flowers.

Raised beds, like those with zucchini plants, demonstrate that garden design can be as simple as creating a basic frame with bamboo poles. Fill your garden with your favourite fruits and vegetables this summer with our range of Palram-Canopia greenhouses. When selecting plants, mix evergreens with showstoppers that thrive in partial shade. The box tree caterpillar, now common in London and the South of England, poses a threat according to an RHS survey. To add beauty to a small front garden, consider planting a container for the front door step or growing climbers up the house wall.

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