Exploring Innovative Garden Screening Options for Privacy and Style

Fences around homes are often functional, designed to section off property and screen backyards from public view. Utilizing pressure-treated timber, our fence screening options are durable and come with a 15-year anti-rot guarantee, eliminating the need for retreatment. When planning your garden, consider the placement of screens for optimal privacy.

Our range includes various styles, from herringbone to tropical and chevron patterns, offering both aesthetic appeal and privacy. The fence panels are UV-proof and weatherproof, making them ideal for enduring outdoor elements. A lattice privacy screen can add a simple yet captivating pattern to your deck or garden.

Garden Screening Options

The YTTERSKÄR privacy screen creates a sense of a separate room on your balcony or patio with its slight transparency. Creative planting, trellis, and garden screens can effectively create privacy in your outdoor space. PVC screens are a versatile option for windbreaks, privacy screens, or garden partitions.


Honeysuckle vines are a fragrant, heat-tolerant option for covering fences or trellises quickly. Metal garden screens can provide both protection and decoration, especially in exposed gardens. Our screens are customizable, and installing them is straightforward—simply dig post holes, set the posts in concrete, and attach the panels.

For a touch of natural beauty, consider full bamboo pole screens or evergreen plants for year-round privacy. We offer privacy screens in various densities and colors, including green, black, white, red, and blue. When choosing your garden screening, consider how it will impact the light and overall aesthetics of your garden.

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