Choosing the Right Bamboo Canes for Your Garden: A Guide

Bamboo canes are a fantastic resource for gardeners, offering sturdy support for plants and trees. At ScotPlantsDirect, we provide 4ft garden canes in two thickness options: 12 to 14mm and 14 to 16mm diameter. These natural bamboo poles are sustainably harvested from mature stems and treated to ensure a lifespan of at least 30 years when used correctly.

To maintain bamboo’s health and appearance, simple trimming is all that’s needed. This allows you to shape it as desired, whether into specific forms or as a leafy screen. The canes are smaller than other bamboo varieties and exhibit a unique color transition from yellow-reddish maroon to almost black.

Bamboo Canes

Our range includes garden screening rolls made from various materials like fern, reed, willow, and bamboo. For optimal results, apply a thick organic mulch around the base of the culms in spring-summer and water it in well. We offer the popular 90cm bamboo cane, ideal for rabbit spirals and bareroot hedges.

Consider the weight of the bamboo canes based on terrain and wind conditions. Our selection includes hardy bamboo like Arundinaria auricoma, which grows up to 3 feet with purplish-green canes and bright yellow-green foliage. These canes are perfect for trellising and supporting climbing plants, flowers, and vegetables.

Discover a variety of Bamboo Canes at Groves Nurseries in Bridport, Dorset, or online. Our range includes Phyllostachys, Fargesia, Sasa, Pleioblastus, and Semiarundinaria. For larger, heavy-duty needs, we offer Bamboo Plant Support Garden Canes in sizes ranging from 2FT to 8FT, suitable for all gardening jobs.

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