Enhancing Your Garden with Natural Reed Bamboo Fence Screening

The Shamz 2m x 5m Natural Split Reed Fence offers an attractive and functional solution for creating privacy and adding a decorative touch to outdoor spaces. This hand-woven reed screening is perfect for gardens, patios, and balconies, bringing a natural aesthetic to any area. Available in both metric and imperial sizes, it measures 4 metres (13 feet 3 inches) in length and 2 metres (6 feet 6 inches) in height, providing ample coverage for most garden needs.

Natural Split Reed Fence

Dense green foliage in this garden screening transitions to bright yellow in autumn, complementing the large 20cm white flowers that bloom in summer. This reed cane screening is not just for aesthetics; it also offers practical benefits like shade and protection from natural elements such as sun, wind, and rain. The TradeXone Reed bamboo fence screening is particularly noted for its thickness, making it an excellent choice for outdoor wind and sun protection.

Local laws often limit fencing height to 2 meters, especially in front gardens. This bamboo fence screening, tied together with galvanized wires, is a convenient solution for those who cannot build a full fence but seek privacy. Installation guidelines suggest that the posts should be planted in the ground to half the height of the fence, with a 50mm concrete base for stability.

Reed garden screening is also ideal for covering unattractive walls or fencing, instantly transforming the look and feel of any garden. These screens are heat-treated for enhanced durability, ensuring long-lasting quality. They can also be used to separate different areas in your garden, such as dining, playing, or planting zones.

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