Enhance Your Garden with Durable, Expandable Trellises

The Pittosporum Expanding Trellis Hedge, with its sustainable bamboo backing and a 3-year warranty against defects or fading, is designed for durability. This trellis is not just a functional addition to your garden but also a testament to skilled craftsmanship. Handwoven using select materials and traditional methods, each weave of the Willow Wood Expanding Trellis narrates the effort and time invested in its creation.

Transform your urban space into a green sanctuary with the Artificial Green Leaf Trellis. This versatile trellis can expand up to 100cm x 200cm, adjusting its width accordingly – 120cm at 100cm extension, 110cm at 150cm, and 100cm at 200cm. It’s not just functional but also aesthetically pleasing, featuring white roses and a realistic appearance, perfect for any garden spot.

Expanding Trellis

Breathe new life into walls and fences with the EXPANDING LAUREL LEAF TRELLIS (4 Pack) from Christow. These artificial trellises, adorned with red maple leaves, blend seamlessly into any garden setting. For those looking for a variety of fencing materials, Poundstretcher offers options ranging from brushwood and burnt logs to traditional painted pickets, plastic, and bamboo.

For a maintenance-free option, consider the cherry blossom-themed trellis with solar LED string lights, attached to an expandable willow frame. The Abaseen Artificial Maple Leaf Ivy Expanding Willow Trellis Garden Fence Screening stands out for its premium material quality, ensuring durability and longevity. This easy-to-install, maintenance-free trellis allows you to enjoy a beautiful green wall effortlessly.

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