Enhancing Garden Spaces with Trellis and Fencing Options

We provide waney lap fence panels and trellis, crafted from treated timber, offering a preferred aesthetic for many garden enthusiasts. Fence top trellis can enhance garden borders with added interest. For privacy, wooden trellis panels can be added atop square fence panels or existing fences. It’s advisable to leave an 18-inch gap between the fence and planting area for root development and rainwater access.

Doubling up on trellis enhances depth and provides additional support for climbing plants. Expanding Wooden Garden Trellis, measuring 5ft X 1ft, is ideal for wall or fence plant support. Square trellis works well for garden division, enhancing walls, or as fence toppers. Fence top trellis, typically made from wood, bamboo, or metal lattice, supports climbing shrubs.

Trellis and Fencing Options

We also offer 6ft fence panel caps for fence panel tops. Trellis can be wall-mounted or freestanding as a garden partition. To offset trellis towards a post’s rear, fasten plant on battens to the timber uprights, then fit the trellis above existing structures.

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We manufacture three styles of fence capping rail in five variations for use with fence panels. Create secure perimeters with fencing and fence posts, or enhance privacy with trellis and screening. Our Dome Top Diamond Trellis Topper, made from selected softwoods, is a high-quality decorative lattice panel. All trellis panels are manufactured to ensure quality and longevity.

For a natural look, select a cedar wood Fence trellis. Garden Trellis Fence Expanding Plastic Green Wall is perfect for climbing plants, creating natural screens. Our pressure treated fence panels come with a 15-year anti-rot guarantee, eliminating the need for annual treatment.

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