What are the Features and Benefits of PlantLock Planting?

PlantLock planting offers versatility for cultivating a variety of plants, from flowering species and hardy shrubs to fragrant herbs and drought-tolerant flora. For a refined and elegant container display, consider a neatly trimmed box plant. Our product range includes classic wooden and modern pots in various sizes, materials, and RAL colours, catering to different design preferences.

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The PlantLock system doubles as a pallet planter, with the bottom deck boards ingeniously forming the backs of individual planter boxes. These troughs boast stackability, secured with robust clips. They also feature a water reservoir, ensuring plants stay hydrated. For added aesthetic, secure bamboo canes with twine or raffia, giving your planter a crafted finish.

Our recommended soil mix for these planters is a 50/50 blend of multi-purpose, peat-free potting compost and soil improver, supporting robust plant growth. The planters can integrate seamlessly with garden bench seats or serve as standalone features. Built from weather-resistant wood, they promise durability through the seasons. The KADAX Flower Box, particularly in Anthracite, offers both functionality and a sleek look for your space.

Planter Boxes

PlantBox Green Wall systems are an innovative solution for vertical gardening, equipped with a simple watering system for easy maintenance. Ideal for both evergreen and semi-evergreen hedges, they are perfect for an array of plants, including herbs, flowers, and vegetables, and are especially suited for spring bulbs such as daffodils, hyacinths, and tulips.

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