Enhance Your Home and Garden with Elegant Metal Wall Art and Ornaments

Bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home and garden with our exquisite collection of metal wall art and garden ornaments. Our range includes everything from Vicia Flowers Metal Wall Art to charming outdoor clocks, ensuring that every corner of your home radiates style and personality.

Our Vicia Flowers Metal Wall Art, a stunning 3-piece set in black, serves as a perfect housewarming gift, offering a unique blend of beauty and durability. This eye-catching vetch bouquet wall hanging is an ideal way to add a floral touch to your walls. Pair it with our range of canvas pictures, wall art mirrors, and photo frames to create a harmonious interior decor.

Vicia Flowers Metal Wall Art

For those who love to add artistic elements to their living spaces, our Wall Silhouette Hanging Decor and Outdoor Metal Wall Art Circles in red iron art are must-haves. These pieces are not only visually stunning but also versatile, making them perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, and offices.

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Transform your garden into a serene sanctuary with our garden ornaments, including the SUNNEKO 4PCS Metal Flower Garden Ornaments. These decorations enhance the beauty of your outdoor space and can be easily installed on fences, sheds, or garden walls. Light up your garden with our range of outdoor lighting, featuring garden lights, security lights, and citronella candles.


Adorn your front porch with our ‘Circle of Enlightenment’ Enso Circle and Bonsai Tree of Life Wall Decor, a perfect blend of aesthetics and spirituality. Complement this with our Rustic Metal Honeycomb Bee Wall Plaque, a buzz-worthy addition to your home decor.

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Discover the charm of handmade garden sculptures, like our Rusty metal Snowdrop sculpture, at our Sculpture Park. These pieces not only serve as stunning garden decorations but also support plant growth.

Enhance your garden walls with our selection of metal birds, coasters, house signs, and more. With over 200 designs, including the LARGE STEEL MOON Garden Ornament and Tree Metal Wall Art Panel, you’ll find the perfect piece to match your style and budget.

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