Choosing the Right Fence Posts for Your Garden

Exploring the vast array of fencing options can be overwhelming, but understanding the essentials can simplify the process. Whether you’re looking for traditional appeal or modern functionality, there’s a fence post and panel combination that’s perfect for your garden.

Choosing the Right Fence Posts for Your Garden

Our range includes both straight and slotted fence posts in various sizes to match your choice of panels. These posts are designed for easy installation and maintenance. Moreover, you can effortlessly add a contemporary touch with a range of fence paint shades like grey, green, or blue. Sometimes, a subtle approach is all that’s needed for the fence to harmoniously blend with the garden, while still marking boundaries effectively.

We also specialize in metal fences, offering everything from high-security options to anti-trap Bowtop, classic ornamental, and garden railings. The strength of your fence largely depends on the type of posts you choose and how they are installed. Additionally, we provide full bamboo pole screens, ideal for attaching directly to chain link fences using 16-gauge wire for an aesthetic and private enclosure.

Our inventory includes a variety of wooden garden fencing and fence panels in styles ranging from traditional decorative to picket. Note that while traditional panels typically measure 183cms in width, European style panels are usually around 180cms. It’s crucial to measure the space between your posts for a perfect fit. We also offer customized fence panels, including arched feather edge or double-sided options.

To enhance your outdoor space and ensure privacy, consider our high-quality bamboo screening. Not only does it add aesthetic value, but it also provides a sense of seclusion in your garden. For any DIY woodwork project, we provide the necessary hardware and wood paints. Whether you’re looking for a temporary or permanent solution, our fence privacy screens and coverings, available in any size or configuration, are perfect for fences, gates, and other barrier structures.

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