Choosing the Right Plant Labels for Your Garden: A Comprehensive Guide

Our Plant T Labels are ideal for a variety of gardening needs, whether you’re labeling pots, planters, window boxes, fruit trees, herb boxes, or conducting greenhouse experiments. These plastic, reusable T Labels cater to everything from seed trays to pots, containers to rows of vegetables.

Plant T Labels

For a more natural look, our Double Sided Bamboo Plant Labels are perfect. These herb planter labels and garden markers are stylish and functional, ideal for naming plants in your herb garden. Additionally, our Metal Plant Tags made of aluminum, come with 50pcs cable ties and are pre-drilled, making them a great choice for outdoor gardens and greenhouses. The tags’ durability ensures they withstand various weather conditions.

Creative gardeners might appreciate the upside-down bottles partially buried in the earth, a unique method to display plant names outdoors. For those focusing on sustainability, our Compostable Circle Labels/Seals, available in packs of 100 or 1000, are an eco-friendly option for small business packaging.

Our range also includes PCS Plastic Plant Labels, reusable and ideal for both outdoor and indoor plants. These labels are perfect for herbs, flowers, and vegetables, measuring 2×10cm. Additionally, the coloured wooden plant markers, resembling lolli sticks, offer a cost-effective solution for pot labeling.

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We aim to source natural, recyclable, and long-lasting products for our plant labels, ensuring their usability for the following season. The Professional copper tags stand out for their strength, being three times heavier than the Professional Aluminium tags. Brightly coloured wooden plant markers are perfect for quickly categorizing seedlings, while the blackboard markers and white pencil are a favourite at Perch Hill for their durability in the cutting and veg garden.

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Our collection includes a variety of Garden Markers, including Artline Garden Markers and Staedtler Markers in black, white, and silver. These markers are designed for clear, permanent, and weatherproof plant labeling. Additionally, each plant label features symbols indicating the range or lowest growing temperature the plant can endure. We offer a wide range of plant labels, including Aluminium, Plastic, Copper, Slate, and Zinc, in many shapes, colours, and sizes.

For those looking for a professional labeling solution, the DTM CX86e is an excellent choice. This small and cost-effective LED dry toner colour label printer is perfect for producing durable, flexible, and professional colour labels and tags for horticulture. Lastly, the Orrdiffi 100 Pcs Plant Labels are an excellent choice for outdoor plants. These T-Type tags are waterproof, eco-friendly, and come with a marker sign pen, suitable for potted plants, herbs, flowers, and vegetables.

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