Enhance Your Gardening Experience with the Versatile VegTrug Osaka Garden Iron Arch

The VegTrug Osaka Garden Iron Arch is an ideal addition for garden entrances, walkways, and as a decorative feature. It boasts a large removable metal tray capable of holding up to 10 litres of compost and a lid that expands your workspace. The arch also includes multiple storage shelves and hooks for a variety of gardening tools. It can be used indoors for decorative purposes, perfect for styling with house plants, books, and household items.

VegTrug Osaka Garden Iron Arch

The GardenSkill Mini Pop Up Net Fruit Cage is a small garden cover cloche, measuring 50cm x 50cm x 50cm, designed to protect and grow crops and veg plants effectively. Its 31-inch height is ideal for gardeners who prefer not to bend or kneel, making it accessible for wheelchair users and the elderly.

Due to the liners’ biodegradability, it’s recommended to replace your liner every two years or when rotating your soil for the next season. The Nursery Greenhouse offers covered shelves for nurturing seedlings or keeping plants safe before outdoor planting. The classic Vegtrug planters, available in 1m and 1.2m sizes, are part of the extensive Vegtrug collection. These planters hold 7-8 bags of 60L compost, and their unique ‘V’ shape design requires less soil than traditional rectangular boxes.

Easy to assemble, the Frame and Multi Cover Set extends the VegTrug growing season. With a capacity of 170 litres, the VegTrug Planter provides ample space for cultivating various salads and vegetables. The ergonomic V shape allows for growing deep-rooted produce at the back and shallow-rooted towards the front. An optional Side Table offers a convenient workspace next to the raised bed.


Made from sustainable plantation-grown fir, the VegTrug is not only an efficient garden planter but also an attractive one. The largest Vegtrug model, a 1.2 metre raised vegetable trough planter, holds 420 litres of compost. Most plants will need support, such as bamboo canes or wigwams, although some smaller varieties are perfect for the VegTrug.

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