Understanding the Versatility and Utility of Wooden Stakes in Gardening and Landscaping

Green-tech is the leading UK supplier of certified timber stakes and fence posts to the landscape trade. These products are essential for various applications in gardening and landscaping. Wooden garden edging, available in timber and bamboo, offers creative design possibilities, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of gardens.

Wooden Garden Edging and Stakes

For those needing to brace stakes or posts, a hatchet can be angled to whittle off thin splinters of wood, ensuring a firm installation. This technique is particularly useful in securing small trees in windswept areas. To enhance the appearance of garden edging, stakes are often sawn off below the top of the rail and covered with backfill material or turf.


Square tantalised timber fencing stakes, available from Derwent TreeScapes in Derbyshire, are perfect for various fencing needs. These stakes also serve well as tree supports and for timber garden features. For concrete form work, road form pins are used to maintain the position of concrete structures during setting.

Garden decor often includes wooden signs, which add charm and convey messages like supporting bees or celebrating wildflowers. Rustic Peeled and Pointed Pressure Treated Fence Stakes, treated with Creosote for durability, are ideal for fencing and agricultural applications. The 100mm Full Round Stake, treated with TANALITH E, is suitable for tree planting and supporting shelters or guards.

To prevent wooden stakes from splintering when hammered, placing a metal jam jar lid on the top can be effective. When setting large structures like sleepers, sinking a significant portion of the stake into the ground and securing it with cement ensures stability. Stark Building Materials UK Limited, trading as Jewson, offers a range of building materials, including components for pitched roofs, agricultural buildings, and general fencing needs.

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